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Travel Clinic



Through our membership with Travel Clinics Australia, we provide a complete range of vaccinations (immunisations), including BCG, Yellow Fever and Q fever vaccines,  malaria tablets, medical kits and travel health services to individuals, families corporate groups and organisations. Our goal is to protect the health of travelers by providing exemplary clinical care along with specific advice and information for each traveler.


Our services include:

  • Expert pre- and post-travel advice that is tailored specifically to your trip and travel requirements
  • Every traveler receives a free copy of our Traveler’s Pocket Medical Guide. This 52 page passport sized booklet contains vital health information including the International Certificate of Vaccination
  • Disease prevention advice and information sheets for each major country visited
  • Specialised first aid kits and accessories for medical and emergency care; not available from pharmacies
  • Vaccinations and medications are stocked and dispensed on site, saving time and money
  • Occupational medicine
  • Corporate and executive health.